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Friday, December 20, 2013
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
With planning well under way, friends are starting to hear about this trip and some are even looking closely at joining us...yay Sue! This won't be a problem at all as nothing we have booked to date can't be adjusted or amended to accommodate 3, or possibly 4...come on Bernice, you know you want to come too!!

Just received our Ceremony of the Keys tickets and we got our first choice of dates, May 5th . This is a 700 year old tradition and come May 5th, we're going to be apart of it. It is something different and unique...and did I mention FREE! As I always say...:you can't beat free"!

All the research I've been doing is starting to pay off in spades, as I've found free tours in each of the three cities we are visiting. I love Tripadvisor for all things travel review related. It tells me what are the best tours, hotels, restaurants and attractions. I've also become an avid contributor and have reached "Senior Contributor" status. With their help, I found WeGo Walking Tours, a highly rated, free walking tour of Paris. It is 3.5 hours long and we are scheduled to take it on the first day after we arrive in Paris. In Brussels, I've identified the same type of free walking tour with a company called Sandeman's New Brussels Tours and booked same. They also offer free tours of London, but unfortunately, their calendar for the London tour doesn't extend into May as yet. But I'm on top of it, and when it becomes available, I'll be booking it.

Not everything we have planned for our trip is going to be free, however. I also booked our tickets for the musical The Book of Mormon. I can't wait to see this production. Although, I spoke to an acquaintance who had seen the show, and her only comment to me was "It was nothing like I expected"...hmmm, don't know what that means? Time will tell .

I've got my eye on a couple of hotels in both London and Paris. I'm fairly certain that I'll be booking the Hotel Crimee in Paris as it consistently received good reviews and is ideally located for those of us traveling into Paris on the Eurostar. I've got reservations at a hotel in London, but they are tentative. The hotel is in the Shaftesbury line, and I've used them on 2 previous trips to London and am always satisfied with the service as well as the included breakfast buffet with both hot and cold food items. And the best part with the Shaftesbury line, if you watch closely, you're bound to find a great sale offered. I'm fairly scrupulous about only making hotel reservations that can be cancelled in the event a better deal, or special offer is found. I avoid those "pay in advance" deals at all cost, except when it is very close to departure and I know I won't be finding a better sale later on.

One of my "wish list" of activities in London was to travel to Althorp Estate to see the Princess Diana exhibit. It is closing for good in August of 2014 as the contents of the exhibit are being turned over to Princes William and Harry. I just learned this week that the Estate and exhibit don't open for viewing until July, so that will be one thing off the list of sites to see. No worries, I'm sure we'll find something else to fill that slot in the agenda!! Maybe Gordon's Wine Bar. It's said to be the most unique wine bar in London. Fay and Sue both love their wine...and me...I'm sure there will be something there to quench my thirst!

Well, that's pretty much where we sit with plans to date...I'll just carry on carrying on!
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