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Monday, February 10, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
With only 11.5 weeks left until take-off, most of our planning and booking is now complete. Our Eurostar bookings are made for London to Paris and Brussels back to London. The only thing left, transportation-wise, is the Thalys train between Paris and Brussels. For that, I have to wait for another week before booking.

We have Moulin Rouge tickets which include a 1/2 bottle of champagne per guest. Ooh-la-la. Dress for this event is described as "elegant", but you can be sure I won't be packing any ball gowns or cocktail dresses for the occasion. A nice pair of pants with a sparkly top and scarf will be my dress code. I must say, it is something I am quite looking forward to as I've never been. My last trip to Paris, way back in 1984, Moulin Rouge tickets were way out of my price range...and I'm guessing they were about half what they are now!

I received our third Ceremony of the Keys ticket in the mail as well. I'm hoping that the free walking tour of London will be available in May so I can get that booked. Then, we just sit back and wait.

I watched the Season 4 finale of Downton Abbey today, so I am really psyched for my tour of Highclere Castle. The ticket there includes a tour of the grounds and gardens as well as the castle itself plus an onsite Egyptian exhibit. When purchasing my ticket, I had the option to select which elements I wanted to enjoy, and although an Egyptian exhibit isn't something on my bucket list, I figured I'd give it a go. Broaden my horizons. Determine if I have anything in common with the british aristocracy. Maybe my heritage on my mother's side has rubbed off on me. With Downton being such a big hit in the UK now, there are many different tours available out of London that take your around to the different towns and villages that are used for shooting the outside scenes. These tours don't always include a tour of the Castle....and they are quite pricey. One I happened upon was a full day tour without access to Highclere and cost a whopping 119 GBP per person. Wow!

As much as it sounds as though our time is very "booked up", we actually have a block of free time almost every day to fit in all the touristy things that we must do. Sue has been gathering information on some "essentials" for Paris and I can't wait to see what fun and unique things she has identified for us. I'm up for almost anything...except maybe rappelling off the Eiffel Tower!

I've even stocked up on some British Pounds and Euros for the trip. I've bought minimum amounts of both and will utilize my ATM card while away for any cash infusions I may need.

It'll be here before I know it!
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