It's a lock!

Friday, February 14, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Our last train booking has been made on the Thalys which will take us from Paris to Brussels. It was actually quite reasonable for a high speed train at only 29 Euros per person. The only problem that arose during the booking process is that we aren't sitting together. The system assigns seating and as it happens, Sue and Fay are sitting quite close together. Me, I'm in another coach entirely. Oh well. It's a short one hour ride, direct with no stops.

I got our last free walking tour in London booked as well . It is a 2.5 hour tour that includes St. James Palace, Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guard, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and much more. And it's a "name your own price" tour, so you pay what you feel it's worth, in the form of a tip.

And today I got out to the dollar store to purchase my padlock. Why did I buy a padlock you ask? Fay asked that too. It was Sue's idea. We're going to the Pont des Arts. Hey, if it's good enough for the Kardashian's, it's good enough for us! For the full story on the bridge and the locks, check out this site:

Now that I have the lock, I've got to find a way to decorate it so it stands out and will be recognizable should Kier and I ever return. As I mentioned to Fay and Sue, I hope when we are there it's not the time the bridge ends up collapsing due to all the excess weight of all those locks!

The last order of business for us was to determine a meeting point for the three of us in Heathrow Airport. Sue and I will be traveling together, but Fay arrives a couple of hours later. While we wait, Sue and I will be organizing our Oyster Cards for tube transport while in London. It seems like the most economical way to travel when you plan on utilizing public transport. My research tells me that the line to purchase them at Heathrow Airport can be quite lengthy, so that should fill a portion of our waiting time.

With everything well in hand, I can now sit back and enjoy the anticipation. Less than eleven weeks now.
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