Time Marches On

Monday, March 10, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Today was the start of daylight savings time, so the days are longer and the world seems a brighter place. Everything is right with the world...well...if it wasn't for that HUGE tax bill I've got to pay. It'll be one of the last things I do before I depart on April 30th. And that is just a few short weeks away. In fact, it's a short 7.5 weeks away...that's less than 2 months! I remember when I started planning, it was 7.5 months in advance. Then Fay signed on at 6 months out and finally Sue at 5 months out. And here we are into single digits.

Everything is booked and a lot is paid for. Which is good with the ever decreasing value of the Canadian dollar. I do have one big dilemma, though. I've just learned that the old Granada Studios, where Coronation Street has been filmed for 50 years, is opening up for tours. Filming has been moved to a new studio, but the old sets and street scenes are iconic. There's even one full day open in our schedule for me to break away and go. Now this is a show that I have been faithfully watching since 1987. That's 27 years. Up until the studio relocated, the sets were closed to tourists. You couldn't get in to have look at or even walk on "the cobbles". What's the dilemma, you ask? Well, here it is. The studios are in Manchester, England. That's a 4 hour train ride...each way. Don't worry Fay and Sue...I wouldn't subject you to my addiction!! I'm so serious about this, though, that I'm even weighing the option of flying from London to Manchester to enable a more relaxed touring experience. Part of me is saying "Are you crazy? A holiday is supposed to be relaxing. What is relaxing about all that travel?". But then on the flip side I tell myself "This could be your last trip over to England. Or, what if they only open the old Granada Studios for one summer and then they demolish them." Wouldn't I be disappointed to know I missed an opportunity. Decisions, decisions. Oh well, I've still got time to decide. The old studios won't be opening before the first of April, and they haven't started selling tickets for the tours as yet.

And as part of my process of ensuring the best deals available, I've just been rechecking our hotel bookings to ensure there have been no price drops. In fact, all the hotels I've booked are no longer available for the dates we would need them. Well, at least the triple rooms are no longer available. Either there are lots of groups of 3 who travel, or there are a limited number of triple rooms in any of the hotels, but we're confirmed, so we have no worries. A discount or 2 would have been nice, but the knowledge that you've booked into popular, sought after hotels is comforting too.

Now, let's just sit back and hope that the weather improves significantly...and is an uncommonly warm spring in England too much to ask for?? I think not!
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