Faith Restored

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Here we are 5 weeks to the day until we'll be departing...and did I mention we are back to 2? Due to a medical situation, Susan is no longer able to travel with us. Now, as most of you know, I'm quite frugal when I travel. Always looking for the best deal, the optimum time to book to get that few "quid" off the price. So needless to say, some of my bookings, like Eurostar and theatre tickets are clearly identified as "non transferable, non refundable". I'm usually careful with hotel bookings, leaving that option to change them right up until departure, but other things I lock in when I think I've gotten the best possible price. This trip was no different. So when I learned last week that Susan couldn't go with us, I advised her husband that I would make an effort to get some of her money back...although I made no promises, explaining that most of my bookings were clearly marked "non refundable". I told him I would ask, but neither of us held out any real hope.

To backtrack just a bit, Kier and I got storm stayed in Bangor in February 2013 when winter storm Nemo forced us to miss our Myrtle Beach trip . We had condos booked and a car rented through Priceline, which some of you may be familiar with as being notoriously anti-refund. No worries...we had trip interruption insurance and could claim anything that we couldn't get refunded. As most of the eastern seaboard had been hit with the storm, it was no surprise to many of these service providers that people couldn't make their reservations. Even still, we were pleasantly surprised to find that every one of the companies we dealt with were more than accommodating. We were able to rebook our condo for a later date. We were refunded entirely for our flights. And even Priceline gave us all of our money back for the car rental we weren't able to use.

If that whole incident gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, well, this situation has entirely restored my faith in humanity. I reviewed the Air Canada policy for cancellation of Susan's flight. She could get her entire fare refunded except for a $300 penalty. That penalty she might get refunded with a well worded letter to Air Canada's customer service. I then went to one of the theatre's to test the waters. Low and behold, they were willing to refund the ticket purchase price in it's entirety. A fire was lit in me then! Next to Eurostar. I sent a nice email to them explaining that I clearly understood that the fare I had booked was non-refundable, but with these exceptional circumstances, perhaps an exception could be made. The answer...YES! A full refund of both her Eurostar tickets. Wow! I've yet to hear back regarding one other train ticket and one other theatre ticket, but I'm holding out hope. The only one that wasn't a resounding success was the ticket to Moulin Rouge. They wouldn't refund her ticket. The most they would offer was to "credit" our visit with 112 Euros to be used while Fay and I are attending the show. It can be used for champagne, programs, photos, etc. Not what we hoped, but something. And really, they could easily have said "Non! Pas de refund!", but they didn't.

So, the moral of this never hurts to ask! The second moral of this story...people all over the world have a heart! My faith in humanity wasn't entirely absent... just a bit jaded around the edges. But now...restored....totally restored!
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So this is the first time I have seen this Katrina. Thank You so much for doing all of this for Me. You are a kind, generous and amazing friend to do all of this work, after all the work You did to book the whole trip in the first place! You are the best!