Love those double digits!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
It was a beautiful day here yesterday with the temperature reaching 14C. People were out walking in bare arms! Beautiful! Today, not so nice...rain, rain and more rain...but it ain't snow! And here we are, 3 weeks out from departure. A good time to start checking what the weather looks like over there. I'm pleased to say, that over the next 10 days, the lowest forecasted temperature is 15C. And not a drop of rain on the horizon, which is extremely rare for London. Not a lot of sun in the forecast, though...but hey, that beats having a lot of "liquid sunshine"!

To say I'm counting the days is an understatement . Just to get away from "the winter that won't end" can't happen soon enough. But things are improving. It was only a week ago that I couldn't see the house across the street for all the blowing snow. Today, it's almost gone. But still not spring enough for me.

We have definitely moved from the planning stage of the trip and are well into the anticipation phase. I still check daily for that big last minute sale on a London hotel, but so far, it ain't happenin'. I'm not worried. I'm quite comfortable with all the bookings we have and the price points we are at. A little last minute sale would certainly be welcome, but highly unlikely at this point.

Packing has started, if you call having a suitcase lying open in the spare room with "stuff" thrown in its general direction "packing", then I surely have started. Everything I'm going to need is here, in the house,'s just a matter of getting it moved into the "packing room" and then into the suitcase. I've even got a couple of surprises organized. I think it's been well established that EVERYONE loves a surprise! So, in that vein...stay tuned!
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It has been a crazy long winter here too and a ton of snow although I think the East surpassed us this year. I have to pack for an easter weekend with my family first but starting after Easter Monday I will be packing too and try very hard to pack light. I don't normally do too well in that direction so will see how I make out. I am getting so excited.