Phase 1 Complete and then Phase 2

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Phase 1

We're on our way . Me from the right coast and Fay from the left. We'll be meeting in the morning in Heathrow at our designated location. I had entertained the possibility of purchasing an upgrade for the Toronto to Heathrow leg of my trip, but when I learned it would cost me $1000, I opted to keep my economy seat. I even asked for the "best, best, best" price for an upgrade...and that was what they offered. Hmmm, that would have only qualified for one "best" in my book. Had it been $600 or even $800 I might have treated myself...but not $1000 when I only paid a little over that for my entire flight. Oh well, I'm sure the trip will just fly by and I'll be disembarking in London before I know it.

One other small disappointment...I had hoped to see my friends Mr. Donut, Mr. Coffee Cup and Mr. Garlic from the Excel commercial. Apparently they weren't on my flight. I didn't see them rappelling down from anyone's overhead bin. Darn...they're so cute!

Boarding soon for Phase 2 . It'll be a fairly long one, just over 6 hours. Not a lot of waiting around here, though. I just had enough time to get from one gate to the other. Of course, I'm sure the two gates were at exact opposite ends of the terminal! Couldn't have been FURTHER apart. Luckily I didn't have any delays forcing me to jog it out! Although I could, no doubt benefit from the advanced exercise!

Phase 2

So far Phase 2 is going okay. I've a little skinny thing in the middle beside me so she barely takes up her own seat, let alone spills into mine. Great. I did learn some valuable information. If you want to be the first to get your food, then order a vegetarian meal. I think I'll try that on the way home. My pasta and beef meal was certainly palatable and I even scooped a bottle of wine for Fay to enjoy in the hotel room.

I never watched a movie at all on the trip. I stuck my headphones in my ears and turned on 3 back to back reruns of The Middle. Nothing like reruns to lull you into a sleep. It was fitful, but I probably got 4 hours and that's enough to ensure my second wind hits when my feet touch terra firms. I've got about 1.5 hours left till arrival and I'm waiting patiently for breakfast. Then it'll be clean up, pack up and arrive.

Let the fun begin!!
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