Timing is everything...or nothing at all!

Saturday, May 03, 2014
London, England, United Kingdom
Another busy day spent doing a lot of hopping. We hopped on and hopped off the Big Bus more times than we can count. We shopped on Oxford Street. We did a river cruise on the Thames and we went to see the Phantom of the Opera.

We really enjoyed the Big Bus Tour with the live commentator . We originally had a recorded guide, but got off at the first available stop and waited for a live guide to take us around. Much more entertaining. After a full loop, we returned to our starting point and wandered over to Oxford Street where I found several things I would like to buy...mostly wearable. There were shoes, tops and pants that were just beautiful and things that you don't see everyday back home. Alas, I didn't want to be dragging my bags around the rest of the day, so I decided to wait until tomorrow to return to the shops and start making purchases. I also went into Selfridges for the first time ever. It was every bit as pricey as Harrods. Not much need to return there, but definitely worth the visit. I did make a small purchase there. It's a stainless steel book mark with a list of the 50 books everyone should read before they die. A quick glance of it tells me I'd best get started reading...cause I've only read about 2 on the list.

We also did the free river cruise of the Thames and enjoyed it as well. When all that touring was done, we had to make our way back to Piccadilly Circus in time for The Phantom of the Opera.

Last night we got sidetracked at the pub we went to and received our dinner at 7:25 when the Book of Mormon was starting at 7:30. Needless to say, we barely tasted our food, what we did get shovelled into our mouths. It was sad, really, cause the food looked sooooo good. We made it to the show about 5 minutes late. Tonight we made it on time, but in order to do that, we had to sacrifice our dinner entirely. We've got to work on that timing!

Now the Phantom....all I can say is that the sets, costumes and technology was just amazing. It was truly incredible to watch all these different sets come to life. It really put the stage details at last nights the Book of Mormon to shame as it was so basic. And Sue, we missed you!

After the show we forced our way through the crowded Saturday night tube system to come home for a little snack before bed.

Tomorrow is surprise x 2 day. You'll see soon enough!!

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So Mr. Selfridge is one of My favorite shows on Masterpiece theatre. I can't believe there is an actual store there. You sound like You are having a fine time, even doing high tea. Really royal girls!