A Day of Firsts

Sunday, May 04, 2014
London, England, United Kingdom
Don't you just love it when you go to a place that offers you the comfort of familiarity, and yet provides many new and exciting experiences? Well London did that today, in spades! So many firsts. We started our day in Hyde Park checking out Speakers Corner. It was something I've always been curious about, but as it only occurs on Sunday, I've never been able to experience. it. I've got one word to describe it...nutjobs. Or is that 2 words?? We left before an "argy bargy" turned to bloodshed. After that it was off to Afternoon Tea at the Hilton Paddington Hotel. It was a grand time...and my first ever afternoon tea (a la Britain) ...and oh, did I mention...there was champagne involved! From there it was off to the oldest wine bar in all of London. Enroute to Gordon's Wine Bar, we stopped and checked out the National Gallery...another first! As most of my culture resides on the back of my tongue, we didn't last long here before heading to wetter pastures. Gordon's was a place that can best be appreciated by visiting yourself. Words will never describe what an incredible spot this is. Even for this non-wine aficionado, it was just amazing. Definitely a highlight of the trip. Thanks to some locals that we met up with at Gordon's, we crossed to the Southbank to experience a festival called the Streets of Spain. While there, we participated in a Colour Lab sponsored by winemakers Campo Viejo. In this experiment, we drank wine while being exposed to different coloured, very intense lights. We had to document how the taste and flavour of the wine was altered depending upon the colour of the lights. The experiment was almost a complete failure on me, but hey, I got a free glass of wine out of it. Too bad I didn't appreciate red wine more.

We decided today that we would treat ourselves tomorrow night to something special, so decided we would like to have a meal at the top of the Shard . The Shard is the tallest building in Europe and has only been opened for a short while. We naively sent an email message to them requesting a table for tomorrow night, then later learned from our local friends from Gordon's that the Shard restaurant is fully booked until sometime in June. Imagine our surprise to come back to the hotel tonight and when I checked my emails, they were offering us a table. They apologized for not being able to accommodate us at the time requested, but would we be satisfied with 1\2 hour earlier? I certainly hope we're not too late responding!
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Sounds like you're having THE BESTEST time ever!!


Hey Katrina!
Looks like a blast! I'm loving the posts and the pics. Say hi to Will, Kate and George ;) I should have knit him something!