The new the old and the retail inclined

Monday, May 05, 2014
London, England, United Kingdom
Today was a day of dichotomy between very old tradition, and very new construction. But before that, we enjoyed a little retail therapy. This morning AND afternoon, I took my credit card out for a walk around the Oxford and Regent Street shopping district. It had a good time! And me, well, I benefited from the exercise. We must have walked 10 miles. Some of the highlights of today's shopping were John Lewis and Liberty. You may not be familiar with them. I know I certainly wasn't before today. Liberty is along the lines of Harrod's and Selfridge's, but is in an extremely old building and well worth the visit. Not a place where you can afford to buy too much...well, unless you're like me, and purchase the one thing every upstanding citizen of a British Commonwealth should have in their home...a crown shaped pin cushion! No, really!! John Lewis...well, it's now my new favourite store and easily knocks Harrod's right out of that top spot. It has nice, fun and unique products...and most at a reasonable price. What more could you want! Like I said to my Facebook friends...who doesn't want to drive a golf ball off the head of the Queen? And the worst thing is...we still didn't hit all the shopping areas we wanted. We didn't have time to get to Carnaby Street. Hopefully we can squeeze that in on our last day in London before returning home. That is...if we still have any cash left, or the numbers on our credit cards haven't been worn smooth!

After we found our way back to the hotel and got freshened up we headed to the Shard . As I mentioned yesterday, it's a fairly new building with a nice restaurant on the 32nd floor. Apparently that rumour that they are booked solid until June is just that...a rumour. After all, we got a reservation on 1 days notice! The food was fantastic and the view incredible, but be weary when the server asks if you want sparkling or still water. Just because it's still, it doesn't mean it comes from a tap! Over to the table he came with a wine bottle shaped bottle of water. Ooops, we thought, this is gonna be pricey! When the bill finally came, we had experienced an elegant meal in a restaurant that neither of us will likely ever visit a second time. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience. We don't regret the extravagance for a minute!

From the Shard we walked over to the Tower of London and participated in the 700 year old tradition of the Ceremony of the Keys. It was a colourful part of history and we particularly enjoyed the commentary of the Beefeeter named Rob. He was full of interesting facts. Although maybe not quite as exciting as some of our other excursions, it was worthwhile nonetheless. And did I mention that it was FREE!

Everyday we just keep raising the bar. What will tomorrow bring?? I can tell you what tomorrow will bring...Downton Abbey!!! It's off to sleep now cause my dogs are barkin'!
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