Beer, Waffles, Chocolate and French Fries

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
We departed Paris this morning and took the Thalys train to Brussels, but not before we learned one last valuable lesson. We had planned to take a cab from the hotel to the train station, easy we thought. The hotel clerk advised us that if you call for a cab from the hotel, there will be a 15 E reservation fee added to your fare immediately. Wait a minute...reservation fee? Haven't I heard that phrase before? Was this guy related to our gypsy friend from the train station on our arrival day? Couldn't, therefore, it must be legit...well, legit as in factual, not legit as in reasonable! Who knew...perhaps we were too harsh on our gypsy friend??Anyway, we left the hotel and found a taxi about a block away. The fare for our ride was 7 E. Not bad, not bad at all. Better than the 22 E it would have been with a hotel pickup!

We arrived in Brussels and got checked into what is easily the most modern and spacious room we've had so far . It even has a bathtub!! We got settled and then went out and got our bearings and a bit of lunch. While walking around we quickly learned what the four most common consumables in Brussels are. Beer, belgian waffles, chocolate and french fries. There's either a beer store, or chocolate shop every 5 feet and every restaurant or take out serves belgian waffles and french fries...but not necessarily together!! This is truly my kind of place!! For lunch, I enjoyed the unofficial national dish of Belgium...Mussels and Frites. Frites are actually fries made from special potatoes and deep fried not once, but twice. That must be why they taste twice as good as any other! Mmm mmmm good!

As Sunday night seems to be a night of rest, we are doing just that. With feet up and english tv on, we're enjoying some fresh strawberries, cheese and crackers. Fay is having some french wine, cause that is one thing the Belgians don't seem to do. I, on the other hand am trying some flavoured beer...unfortunately, not as good as it sounds.

Tomorrow we see the sites with our final free walking tour. This guide is going to have a couple of tough acts to follow because Jessica in London was great, and Paul in Paris was fantastic. Let's just see what tomorrow brings!

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I will book your Angioplasty for the week of your return....but enjoy all the beer and frites in the meantime ;)
The flowers look beautiful, just like home....not!


I'll need it! Both Paris and here aren't much into veg unless it's potatoes deep fried. It's been years since I had a steady diet of fries!