The cherry on top...or so I'm telling myself

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Today's lesson is on impulsive shopping...and I'm not talking about the kind where you go on a holiday and buy a few too many souvenirs. Or even those expensive shoes or dress. I'm talking about the kind when you're standing in Heathrow Airport doing your self serve check in and get curious about the cost of an upgrade to Business Class. You SAY you'll just check it out. You have NO intention of actually doing it. And then when you see it says go, "Wow, that's reasonable"...and you insert your credit card into the payment slot. Now, the gods of my personal finances were trying desperately to stop me from making this extravagant purchase. In fact, the reader couldn't read my credit card, not once, but twice. I kept having to reinsert. Finally, on the third attempt, I got the magnetic strip on the right side and voila, we have liftoff. It wasn't until I had cleared the "fastrack" security that I sat down and said "Waaaaaait a don't suppose that Air Canada would be charging in GBP for an upgrade cause we're here in London, do you? And that would be why the upgrade sounded like such a deal?" Well, you can guess the answer to that one can't you as I sit here in the Maple Leaf Lounge in London literally crying in my beer. And what about buyer's remorse? Apparently the Air Canada representatives at the Heathrow airport don't buy into that philosophy. No Refunds! No Exchanges! No Takey Backeys! And no going back to economy class!! next Visa Bill is gonna hurt! I'd best go get a few drinks to soothe the pain!!

But don't think for one minute that's gonna be me sitting back, throwing my hands up in the air and taking this lying down in one of those Business Class pods on the airplane. NOT! There's a letter just begging to be written. I may not win anything...but it'll definitely make me feel better to get my point of view on record and off my chest. Now pass that bottle of vodka...I've got some free drinks and food to consume in mass quantities before my flight departs!

Now the upside to this little, very expensive mistake? Well, seated in seat 1A like I am, then I WILL be the first person to arrive in Toronto! Well, other than the pilots, that is. Hey, you never know...I'll have 8 hours to convince them to let me fly the plane, and then I will definitely be the first to arrive!

It's a very civilized way to travel, I must say...even though I sort of feel like Ellie Mae Clampett around these upper crusty types. But hey, I deserve a treat...and this is, after all, the perfect finish to a perfect holiday! Thanks Fay! It was great!

Cheerio, pip pip and all that!!

***********Just an update...flight great, rubbed elbows with semi celeb...Mark Carney seated 2 seats behind oh man, did they cater to him!!!***********
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Was that 659 upgrade for both or just you? Either way I say, "OUCH!!"


Just me...a big ouch!