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Thursday, May 15, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Now that we're home, I thought I'd conclude this chapter of my blog with a bit of a recap of the best of the best from our great holiday.

Best Overall Hotel - The Castleton (Paddington, London)
Most Luxurious Hotel -Arlequin Grand Place (Brussels)
Best Hotel Breakfast - Arlequin Grand Place (Brussels)
Best Musical Theatre - The Book of Mormon (London)
Best Overall Dining Experience - Aquashard, The Shard (London)
Best Restaurant - The Bear and Staff (Leicester Square, London)
Best Food Item - Chips/Frites (London, Paris and Brussels)
Best Dessert - Chocolate Banana Crepe (Paris)
Best Drink - Kopparberg Cider (Mixed Fruit for me, Pear for Fay)
Best Bar - Gordon's Wine Bar (Trafalgar Square, London)
Best Walking Tour - WeGoWalking Tour (Paris)
Best Site Visited - Sainte Chapelle (Paris)
Best Overall Shopping - John Lewis (London)
Most Unique Shopping Area - Carnaby Street (London)
Best Off the Beaten Path - the town of Newbury in England
Best Unexpected Surprise - Blondel Street (Paris)
Best Paid Toilet - near Jardin de Tuileries (Paris)
Best Free Toilet - Trafalgar Square (London)


Best Funny Moment .....drum roll please.....

Fay's note in the Diana and Dodie condolence book of "London Rocks"

man, oh man...did we laugh when I told her that it was, in fact, a condolence book!!!

That's it for me till next trip!

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Looking forward to your next adventure...or better yet, going on one with you! One of these days!!


Would LOVE to pair up for a holiday. Let's definitely look into that further!!