The definition of a great flight

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Port Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Canary Islands
The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘seamless’ as:  ‘smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next’ and that is a befitting description of our flight to Spain.  Is it possible that little stretch of bad flying luck has been broken?  It would seem so, because upon leaving Moncton, our flights could only be described as ‘seamless’.
Now, that’s not to say they were perfect.  And that’s definitely not to say that there weren’t any quirky (read ‘annoying’) people on our flight.  And unfortunately it cannot be said that those same quirky (read ‘more annoying’) people didn’t follow us onto the cruise ship.         
It all started in Montreal airport.  We landed a bit early in Montreal (can you believe it?) and we made our way to our gate for the departure to Barcelona.  We had just gotten situated across the way from the gate when the announcement came on that they were getting ready to board.  As Zone 2 passengers, who often get blocked out of our zone by Zone 3, 4, 5 and now 6, passengers, we thought it prudent to get in the lane at the gate which is clearly marked ‘Zone 2’.  We no sooner get there than this woman and her husband show up.  We shall call her “Mrs. Whiney”, for no apparent reason...(if only my eye roll emoji would transfer to my blog!!).  Mrs. Whiney is going on...and on...and on about some problem or other with her flights from Maryland. She’s talking to another woman from Florida who is consoling her.  They are all on their way to the Sky Princess.  No worries, I figure.  It’s a big ship.  We’ll never see them again.  Fingers crossed.
Kier and I sprung for the exit row seats which, in my opinion, on a Rouge flight are well worth the money.  And then the people behind us show up.  Let’s call them “Mr. Bad Back Jack” and his wife.  Boarding is almost complete when Jack stands up from his seat and steps up beside me.  Taps me on the arm and says “I’m going to apologize in advance because I’ve got a bad back.  I’ve got a back brace on.  I’ve done my exercises before the flight, but I have to get up and walk around a lot, so I’ll be pulling on the back of your seat to get up.  I hope it’s not too annoying.  But that’s why I’m apologizing in advance.”  I just stare at him while a plethora of curse words zig zag through my brain.  Apparently the blank stare has confused him because his next question is “Do you speak English?”.  I respond to the affirmative so he sits back down.  OM effin’ G...just my luck.  I pay an extra $100 for an exit row seat only to have someone sitting behind me pulling on the back of my head rest every 20 minutes.  Oh well, hopefully some heavy medication on my part will allow me to sleep through the annoyance.
I’m happy to report back that I did, indeed, sleep through the trip undeterred.  When we arrived in Barcelona 45 minutes EARLY...I know...can’t believe it myself...we made our way through the jigs and reels of arriving in a foreign country before meeting up with the cruise representatives for the transfer to our ship.  Who do we bump into?  Of course Mrs. Whiney, and her friend Mrs. Florida, but also...wait for it...Bad Back Jack and his wife.  There are 3660 passengers on this floating hotel.  And in spite of keeping a fairly low profile today because of jet lag, who have I run into about 3 times already?  Jack.  Fortunately for me he’s a bit like a goldfish...he’s already forgotten who I am.  Wish I could say the same about him!   
We have a good table in the dining room with a good waiter and assistant waiter.  Our table ‘neighbours’ in the 2 top beside ours are from Calgary.  It’s early days yet, but there was absolutely no hullabaloo in and around there tonight.  There was a bit of a ‘dust up in the Vista Lounge’ though.  It didn’t amount to much.  It was during the port presentation for tomorrow’s stop in Valencia.  Someone a few tables over felt a group of people sitting behind them were talking when they should have been listening.  He stood up right in the middle of the place and yelled at them to ‘shut up’.  They’re really gonna have to do better than that to keep my attention.  But again...early days!
Bye bye Barcelona!  
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