Meandering in Malaga

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Málaga, Andalusia, Spain and Canary Islands
******I’m afraid today’s blog is mostly photos cause everyone is so damned well behaved!!  Boring, eh!!******
We put some miles on the ole hoofs today.  We walked for 5 hours straight...except for the very brief pit stop for some cider and beer.  It’s a lovely little city here, and thanks to the coolish weather, it’s not the hopping tourist trap that it would be in the summer months.
Like Valencia, there’s a lot of old shit and oranges here as well.  With no structured plan in place, and no map in hand, we were free to let the narrow streets and alleys lead us serendipitously along.  I’m afraid I’m a bit of a history dolt, so more than looking at old and crumbling buildings, although nicely architected, (is that even a word??), I enjoyed watching the people.  And by that, I don’t mean Mrs. Whiney and her husband who we happened upon this afternoon.  Thankfully we were enjoying a nice break at an Irish Pub while they were wandering by.  I couldn’t hear her, but I’m sure she was moaning about something.
And on the subject of Irish Pubs...I’m afraid Ireland may revoke the licenses of most of the Irish Pubs we’ve encountered in the past couple of days.  We’ve passed 3 of lunch time...all closed up solid.  WHAT!!!  Obviously NOT run by Irish ex-pats.  We did finally find one open this afternoon so I was able to enjoy a nice cold glass of Strongbow.  Not my most favourite cider, but it sure tasted good on a mildly warm and sunny afternoon.
But seriously, there’s everything in this city from Roman ruins similar to the coliseum, to very old castles and of course many, many churches and cathedrals.  Plus, another great market and some interesting pubs, restaurants and shops.  Literally something for everyone!
With a late departure from Malaga scheduled for 8pm, means that there was little going on around the ship today.  We did participate in our first Speed Sudoku this morning before leaving the ship.  There is some seriously tough competition this time around.  An East Indian woman won it today in what must have been record time.  I barely had 1 of the 9 boxes finished and she was claiming victory.  It’s gonna be a tough go trying to regain my Sudoku crown!
There were only a few in the dining room tonight, not that it matters a whole lot.  Everyone there is really well behaved.  Makes for a relaxing, albeit boring, dining experience.
It was a great day enjoying the sights and sounds of Malaga.  Although all the Christmas decorations were a bit off putting!  Tomorrow is our last Spanish port and then we’re off to Portugal.  Cadiz promises to be an entirely different ‘feel’ than the bigger cities we’ve experienced thus far.  Can’t wait.
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