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Monday, November 25, 2019
Atlantic Ocean
When you have a dog on a cruise ship...where does it shit??  Gotta know.  I’ve seen at least 1 on this cruise.  A service poodle, I presume.  There’s no ‘grassy outside’ for it to do it’s business on.  So where does it ‘go’?  I need to know.
There are a ton of hot tubs on this floating hotel.  At last count, I think I was up to 7 or 8.  In spite of the less than pool weather, the hot tubs are in constant use.  And almost exclusively by old dudes in Tilley hats.  Not sure what the attraction is, especially to those old dudes.  I need to know.
We’re 1/2 way through our vacation.  Enough time to be good and relaxed.  All the work stresses surely to be left behind by now.  So why does someone go to the theatre for a show and when the elderly man sitting beside him happens to make contact with his foot one too many times have to say “If you hit my foot one more time I’m gonna break yours”.  Really?  Is there any need of that?  Why?  I need to know.
It’s been a very busy day on board today.  The highlight was the beginning of the Ultimate Trek.  It’s an Amazing Race type of game.  There are 9 teams involved.  Kier and I are Team Canuck.  We get clues, race to locations around the ship, perform challenges and check in at the final pit stop.  It’s a multi-day race and we finished today in second.  For any real fans of the show, that’s an ideal spot.  We don’t want to paint an early target on our backs!
Tomorrow is the continuation of the Trek.  Stay tuned to hear about our performance!
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A few of those questions I am not sure I wAnt to know lol


Waiting till tomorrow ! ❤️


Question #1 - wherever they want...#2 - old dudes are always cold...#3 - homophobia, thought he was playing footsies. Wonder no more.