It’s been a long time...

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Atlantic Ocean
With a title like that, it could apply to a lot of things...but on this cruise, what it applies to that it’s been a long time since I’ve been yelled at for running in the halls.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever been yelled at for running in the halls.  I was today...running through the ship...I felt like a scolded child.
Today was day 2 of our Ultimate Trek, aka Amazing Race.  We had a rough start on the first challenge trying to throw ‘topsy turvy the octopus’ into a box, but we more than made up for the delay on the second challenge which was sudoku.  We’ve been training for that all cruise long!  The third challenge involved a leg of panty hose with a ball in the toe, 5 plastic cups and a lot of hip action by Kier.  Then it was off to the pit stop and a check in at #2 again.  We were beat out today by “Mixed Nuts”.  But since it’s a cumulative score, and yesterday’s winners were “2 Toms”, then we are actually sitting in first place.  Ooooowwwweeeee, there could be a plastic coaster in my future...or some other equally tacky cruise paraphernalia.
It was a beautiful sunny day up at the pool and I actually got a chance to use my swimsuit.  I was in and out of the pool several times and it was actually warm.  Tomorrow promises more of the same.
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Sounds like a great day !


I think you 2 should apply to do the actual amazing race