There’s one in every crowd

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Atlantic Ocean
We’ve been loving our dining room experience.  An exceptionally good wait staff sure helps.  And we are at a table for two on the end of a line of 6 tables for 2.  So we only have 1 couple to deal with on a nightly basis and they are a great people from Calgary.  Up until last night they’ve only had to deal with us because the table on the other side of them has been empty.  But last night that all changed.  Here we are in the last week of our cruise and suddenly there’s a couple showing up to sit there.  I didn’t really pay much attention to them last night.  It’s easy to do with Bill and Ann as buffers between us.  This new couple, we’ll just call them Mr and Mrs Tacky, which is unfortunate for Mrs Tacky because she actually seems nice.  
I noticed the 2 tables for 2 on the other side of Mr and Mrs Tacky, which are generally occupied, were vacant tonight.  If that wasn’t a sign, then having Mr Tacky say to Bill and Ann that he’s driven the other 2 couples away this evening, so figures he’ll be chasing them away as well.  Ann is very courteous.  She smiles and says “oh no, I’m sure that’s not the case”.  
The 4 of them converse back and forth.  I catch bits of the conversation here and there.  At one point they are talking about winter tires and Bill mentions they are getting theirs put on when they get home next week.  Mr Tacky says “oh, I thought you’d just leave them on all year round up there”.  A while later Mr Tacky feigns interest in their hobbies and asks what they do for fun.  He asks “Do you dog sled?”. At about this point in time I wanted to lean over and say “yes, and we all live in igloos, too”.  I mean REALLY!  The Tacky’s are from the US.  Not sure what part, but whatever part it is, it’s not THAT far away from Canada.  And aren’t we a bit beyond that ‘all Canadians live in igloos and are covered in snow 12 months a year’??
Another great day on the Ultimate Trek race.  It was a ‘selfie challenge’ today.  We had 20 clues of place/people/things that we needed to take selfies with in a specific time period.  We completed the task and were second checking in at the pit stop.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s race brings. 
Believe it or not, I may just have found the Fountain of Youth.  And it wasn’t at any of the ports of call we stopped at.  It’s actually right here on the the pool.  And what makes me say that, you ask?  Well, after spending some time in the pool yesterday, I noticed this morning that my shock of white hair at the front is starting to turn to light brown again.  It’s only a start, but I’ll be heading back to that pool tomorrow to try to get more of it turned back!  May just be coming home a full brunette again!
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