The enemies of my enemies

Friday, November 29, 2019
Atlantic Ocean
It’s been a wild day.  There was the largest sudoku contest I’ve ever seen on a cruise ship this morning.  For the 3rd time this cruise, I came out victorious.  I was paraded around the Piazza to applause, and likely a few evil eyes, by the competitors and spectators alike.
Next up on our busy schedule was the Ultimate Trek finale.  It was a hard fought battle.  There were pissed off people in every hallway and elevator from competitors dashing through.  We might have made a few enemies.  There were some pretty tough, yet creative challenges as well.  Like one where we received an envelope and were told to look at the contents and come out with a 4 digit phone number.  We were baffled when we dumped the envelope to find a wad of play money and eleven cents in change.  When we counted everything up, we had 10 by 5 dollar bills and 3 x 1 dollar bills.  Along with the change we quickly came up with ‘5311’.  It was correct.  We had to call that number on a telephone and get our next clue.  It was an exciting contest that left some very annoyed passengers in our wake, but, we placed a respectable 3rd today.  I went back to my cabin and changed my clothes...didn’t want to be yelled at by any snotty old ladies, or worse, beaten with their canes.  But really, we were much more courteous and respectful to the non-playing passengers than some of the ‘merican competitors were.  They were downright vicious.   Being that it’s a cumulative score, we don’t find out till tomorrow’s ‘reunion show’ how the point count shakes out.  There’s no way we can come out less than 3rd, but we’re really hoping to be on top of the podium.
I caved and went to play Bingo this afternoon.  I gave up hoping they’d get the virtual stuff figured out so I could play from the comfort of my cabin.  The first game was played and a man sitting to my left won.  The second game was played and low and behold, a woman sitting with the previous winner claimed the prize.  It’s the 3rd game, and it’s historically lucky for me.  I’m set...waiting for G-54...and before I know it, ‘car 54, where are you?’ comes up and it’s Bingo all around.  A man down front, a woman up behind me and I make 3.  The $166 pot is divided 3 ways so I leave with $56.  I paid $69 to get in the game.  Not real good return on my investment, but hey, I could have lost and left with nothing.
So it’s been a fairly lucky day all around.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
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