Mixed Nuts and Sour Grapes

Saturday, November 30, 2019
Atlantic Ocean
It’s been a great last day on the ship.  The weather was glorious and the seas were calm again.  Today we did something that we’ve said we were gonna do for the past several cruises.  We did the culinary demonstration and galley tour.  The head chef was an absolute ‘pip’ with lots of tips and tricks as well as jokes and funny stories.  There were 300 tons of food brought onboard the ship in Barcelona, where we boarded.  Chef said the pantry is almost empty.  They will load another 150 tons tomorrow in Ft Lauderdale for the upcoming 3 day cruise.
We went through 1 of the 3 galleys onboard.  It was fairly large, well laid out and spotless.  The ‘vats’ used to make soup were the single most impressive thing.  They were huge.  
I won $75 at Bingo this morning.  Had to split my pot yet again, this time with only 1 other.  Yes...sour grapes!  Especially when the man seated next to me ended up winning 2 of the 4 games played.  Sure, he had to share the $100 prize from the first game with 2 others, but in the final game he won the $235 all by himself.  I couldn’t make it to the big $2700 jackpot giveaway this afternoon.  It conflicted with our Ultimate Trek awards ceremony...more sour grapes.  I’m only involved with a couple of things on this ship and they all have to be scheduled simultaneously.  Big sour grapes!
We placed second in the Ultimate Trek behind Mixed Nuts...could have been sour grapes, but we were quite satisfied with our placement because we finished ahead of the Two Toms. 
Good day all around!
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