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Saturday, February 15, 2020
Hampton by Hilton London Gatwick Airport, England, United Kingdom
It’s makes no sense to me...none at all.  This country doesn’t know the MEANING of a storm.  The rain is scheduled to start around 6 am, and by START I mean ‘cloudy with showers’ and 24km winds.  Then by 10 am the rain ceases for a few hours and the wind kicks up to 36km.  Still...not a biggie.
We go to bed at around 8 pm this evening cause we’re suffering a bit of jet lag and we are scheduled to be up at 5am.  It’s dark out, but dry.  Not a rain drop or gust of wind to be seen.  
I woke up around 10:30 and, on a whim, checked my emails.  Imagine my surprise when I read THE EMAIL...the one that says our flight in the morning is cancelled.  
Why oh why when everything points to the storm not hitting until afternoon does a 7:20 am flight need to be cancelled?  And we’re even more surprised that there are no more flights to get rescheduled on until Wednesday evening.  We looked at every option.  Flying from different airports, flying into different cities and taking the train to Faro.  The best we could come up with was a Tuesday afternoon flight which would end up costing us a lot out of pocket and not get us there all that much earlier.
So here we sit...for 4 more the airport hotel in Gatwick.  The upside?  Ya‘ve gotta find an upside.  Well, ours is that our hotel, food and meals are fully covered by EasyJet.  They’ve extended our stay at the same airport hotel for 4 more nights and have given us a meal allowance for 3 squares a day.  And hopefully the storm won’t cancel the train services.  Had this same thing happened in Canada...the airline would have thumbed their noses, claimed ‘weather related’ and left you to cover your own costs. 
We’ve changed all the bookings in Portugal that we had arranged.  We’ve advised the condo that we’ll be late arriving, and changed the dates of our car pickup. much of a pain in the butt it could always have been worse...I think...but I’ll no more tomorrow when we get to see Storm Dennis at it’s full impact.
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