Sunday, February 16, 2020
Hampton by Hilton London Gatwick Airport, England, United Kingdom
In support of our fellow travellers quarantined onboard the cruise ship in Japan, we spent the day inside.  We didn’t push the solidarity too far and remain in our room or anything, but we did confine ourselves to inside the hotel and the terminal.  Being a Sunday, and some areas actually being hit by Storm Dennis, we didn’t want to take the train anywhere to end up stuck.  We’re living that reality as it is.
You know it’s not been a good day when one of the highlights is working out!  They do have a nice little gym here that is fully equipped.  The other highlight is that we were able to binge-watch Coronation Street and will be fully caught up to the UK airings by the time we leave.  Obviously not all of you will appreciate the importance of that...
Tomorrow our ‘Small Towns of England Tour’ continues... 
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Making the best of a poor situat

Making the best of a poor situation! Kudos to you guys!

Lynn saulnier

Watching C-Street myself! Lol


Katrina, what can I say... easyJet sounded likes great idea!!


To me a great day is when I get to work out and to get to do that in England at a hotel I am not paying foe sounds like heap to me. Have a cider for me. Hugs to you both


I guess they define 'storm' in much different terms that we do. Maybe you could get some paint and canvass and recreate your orchid in the window photo. Stuff happens...


Happy you got down to Brighton , hope you avoided the seagulls !