Okay...where did you park the cruise ship??

Thursday, February 20, 2020
Jardim do Vau, Faro, Portugal
Things are on the upswing.  What a difference a day, and some daylight, makes.  The car is rented, the groceries picked up and the sound of the waves when we sit on our patio is relaxing.  Just what we need after our experience to date.
Of course there is that small little part of me that’s even more pissed off now that we got short changed on such a beautiful spot.  Four more days here would have been wonderful.
I have noticed one little thing, though.  The demographic of this resort is much the same as the last few cruise ships I’ve been on.  Most everyone is old here.  And by old, I mean REALLY old.  But, I’ve already managed to make friends.  Pedro was our server in the restaurant this morning.  Pedro is an ‘ask him the time and he’ll tell you how to build a watch’ kind of guy, but having been born and raised in the area, he was chalk full of tips on things to see and do.  
Then there’s Mr and Mrs Barrie, from Canada.  I met them here in the on-site market.  They’re 80 if they’re a day and they both prefer this area to Albufeira, where we’re headed next week.  No surprise, really, as this area is known for its beautiful scenery and its peace and quiet.  The Barrie’s don’t seem the type to be heading out on the town in the evenings.  
We laid low for most of the day today enjoying the warm weather, relaxing and walking on the beach.  Even though we’re a tad backlogged on our sightseeing plans, we’ve opted to stay close tomorrow and enjoy 1 more day of recharging our batteries.  Saturday we move from this gorgeous area into the hustle and bustle of Albufeira. We’ll get caught up on the sightseeing then.
For now, just some lovely photos of this area.
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Looks beautiful so sorry your time was cut short