It’s finally happened...

Friday, February 21, 2020
Jardim do Vau, Faro, Portugal
It’s only taken 21 years, but today I did it.  I drove Kier to the ‘end of the world’.  The good news is that I brought him back too.  
We’ve had a fairly busy day considering we were planning on relaxing.  This morning we hiked 5km + along the cliffs of Praia do Vau toward Alvor.  Thankfully, I didn’t see one creepy crawly or slitherer or that would have been the end of me.  The whole exercise proved to reinforce one thing.  I’ll never be a contestant on the Amazing Race.  I’m definitely not a fan of heights.
Later on this afternoon we headed to Cabo Sao Vicente...or Cape St Vincent.  The lighthouse can be seen 60 MILES away and sits on the most southwesterly point in Europe.  
It’s a famous spot to watch the sunset, but we didn’t want to sit around for another 1.5 hours to find out.
Tomorrow we move on to Albufeira.  Life will be different there.  More lively...more crowded...less quiet...and less OLD!
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Looks like an amazing day except for the heights. Wonderful pictures


I hate to tell you but the end of the earth is Finisterre, Spain...head north! Oh, and tell Kier to have a Sagres or 3 for me!


Gorgeous photos from your hike!