Monday, February 24, 2020
Hotel Vila Galé Cerro Alagoa, Faro, Portugal
It was a beautiful day for a road trip!  But we started our day with some pool time.  Unfortunately, it was too cold to get IN the water, so we spent a bit of time BESIDE.  We were going to go to the indoor pool, but they have a mandatory bathing cap policy and we couldn’t be bothered buying caps for 1 or 2 days use.
Early afternoon we headed off to Vilamoura which is said to be the ‘Monaco of Portugal’.  The heart of this small town is the marina, and it only takes a quick glance to understand where the comparison came from.  There are a ton of big money boats in that marina.
There’s also a casino which opened at 3pm, so we were there for opening.  I had a wee bit of luck, but that only resulted in me breaking even for the day...but hey, that’s better than losing.
Tomorrow should be interesting as it’s a big national holiday here.  It’s called Carnival and is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday.  It’s gonna be hopping around here, I’m sure.
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