Happy Carnival!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Hotel Vila Galé Cerro Alagoa, Faro, Portugal
And they call this a holiday???  OMG!!  There are fewer people around today than on a regular day.  Guess they celebrate differently than we do!  Apparently there are big parades going on... somewhere...definitely not here though.  We’ve seen a few people, a very few people, in costume.  It’s very ‘Mardi Gras’-ish.  I’m told it started in Italy and is loosely translated to ‘put away the meat’, so it’s the one big final celebration (read good meal) before Lent.
One of the best ways to really see a place is to get lost...so we did just that today.  We walked down to the marina to check out boat tours for tomorrow and couldn’t find our way back to the hotel.  We did see some different parts of town that we hadn’t seen before, though, so all good.
Cool and breezy today.  Let’s hope the wind dies down before tomorrow, or our boat tour will be canceled.  That would just be par for the course.
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