Tourists - 8/Dolphins - 0

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Hotel Vila Galé Cerro Alagoa, Faro, Portugal
The list is lengthening...the list of things that you shouldn’t do with me.  It’s well documented that taking any kind of flight with me is doomed to fail.  That would stand to reason, then, that taking a vacation with me would likely not work out well.  
There’s a new one to add to the list...going on dolphin finding tours.  We were 8 tourists in a zodiac looking for dolphins.  I knew before we started that we weren’t going to see any.  I was right.  Fortunately, the tour was about more than finding dolphins.  We were also touring the Benagil Caves, and they weren’t hiding!!
That part of the trip was great.  We saw miles of coastline from the water and discovered there are many, many beaches around here that are only accessible by kayak or boat.  
When the cave viewing was finished, we headed out to open sea to find some dolphins.
Now, I’m no marine biologist, and unlike George Costanza, I never claimed to be one.  But, I have a strong sense that aimlessly speeding through miles of open water is not necessarily effective in finding dolphins.  My uneducated brain wondered why we couldn’t stop and wait.  Let the dolphins come to us.  We couldn’t have been any LESS successful that way.  We froze our asses off for an hour, speeding and bouncing around in the zodiac.  And then we returned to the marina...and not a minute too soon.  My butt was killing me and I was half frozen.
All in all, a worthwhile, albeit dolphin-less, day.
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