Ya can’t swing a cat...

Thursday, February 27, 2020
Hotel Vila Galé Cerro Alagoa, Faro, Portugal
One thing we’ve noticed since being here in Portugal...you can’t go very far without encountering fellow Canadians.  They’re everywhere.  It’s gotta be true what they say, that Portugal is the new Florida for the snowbirds.
Yesterday we were on the boat tour with 4 Ontarians.  And today we passed several people sporting a maple leaf patch on their bags or clothes.
Another thing you can’t ‘swing a cat’ without hitting is a mini market.  They are in every neighbourhood, and almost on every street.  Quite convenient, really.  Oh...and roundabouts...I’ve NEVER driven through so many as I have in the past 10 days.  I’ve come to HATE roundabouts!!
We’re in ‘wind down’ mode now.  The car was returned today.  We picked up our last souvenirs, and we spent some time by the pool....BY the pool, but not IN the pool.  The water’s still too cold for that!
Not much else going on here.
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We stayed very close to those worms! We loved the roundabouts! Truly saves gas as you are not idling. Wish we had more in Saint John!