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Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
As I sit here in the Saint John Airport watching the "Delayed" sign pulsating a bright red, and "estimated departure time" changing regularly, I now have accepted the fact that my plan for a couple of hours of relaxation in the Maple Leaf Lounge will likely have to be deferred. In fact, with every change I anticipate the need for the "O.J. Dash" through the terminal to our next gate. I'm not stressed....yet.

A half hour ago I took a casual stroll up to the counter to talk to a childhood friend of mine who works for the airline . Okay, perhaps I should change that to childhood acquaintance...after all, she was a few years younger than me and we never really hung out. Anyway, any and all contacts are valuable in this unpredictable flying business. I was momentarily relieved when she offered to put us on the Halifax to London flight which leaves later tonight and arrives earlier in the morning. Awesome! Then she checked and had no seats to give us...except in Business Class and she wasn't willing to offer me those. You see my rationale now for changing her description from "childhood friend" to "childhood acquaintance"??

As I mentioned, as of right now, the only thing we're going to miss out on is the luxurious 2 hours in the Lounge. But having said that, my blood pressure, although not really high, will not return to optimum until my behind is comfortably seated in row 25 of my Toronto to London flight. Stay tuned...more to come!

Further delys have cut our cushion to 1 hour. What, me worry??

It's now 10pm Atlantic hour into a one hour and 40 minute we get that lovely little extra hour due to the time change in Toronto...Lookin' good...I hope...

Back on schedule at Pearson airport. Life is good again!! See you all in London!!
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Even with your delay, your day was better than mine....I was trapped on an elevator for 30 minutes...luckily I had my iPad with me and sat on the floor and read!
Have a great trip!


Ya see -- worrying gets you no where.


Ooohhh poor you, Patti. And yes, Shelley, worrying doesn't help, unless you're trying to even out the grey streaks in your hair...