In Dublin Fair City

Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
It was a lovely relaxing day here in Dublin. We had an early arrival so were docked by the time we woke up. The weather has been dry lately, but none too warm. That was why when I found a sale at an outdoor store in Glasgow yesterday, I bought a new sweater. For some reason, I packed way too many WARM WEATHER clothes, and not enough WARM clothes. Today's forecast was for 16 C and sun, although we didn't see sun until just before we departed Dublin.

Now, back to my sweater I bought yesterday . Every store I went into after purchasing my sweater I managed to set off the security system at the doorway. Because I set it off on the way INTO the store, they didn't get too upset when I also set it off LEAVING the store. Today, I found out why. When getting dressed for the cool day in Dublin, I decided to wear my new sweater. Guess what I found attached to the bottom edge of the electronic security device. Let me tell you...they are near impossible to remove without the proper tool. I guess that's why the stores use them! Fortunately for me it was attached at the side seem near the bottom edge of the sweater, so a little scissor work and I had it removed. Then I needed to sew up what damage I had done to the seam of the sweater. Once that was all sussed out, we were ready to make the trek into Dublin.

Unfortunately, the Dubliners weren't nearly as gracious as the Belfasters, and the only shuttle service was provided for a fee . As we had been to Dublin a few times before and had pretty much seen all we wanted to see, we decided to walk into town...well, we decided to go for a walk in the general direction of town with hopes of actually making it. It was just shy of a 5 km trek, so we did it in about an hour. I'm happy to say that we even saw a few things along the way that I'd never seen before.

We were back on the ship by around 3 pm with a few souvenirs in tow. And the good news is...I am now a landowner in Ireland. I purchased a small square of land in Donegal. I hope to visit it someday in the future, but it's not quite big enough to build on, but I will plant a Canadian flag on it for posterity.

There was some authentic Irish entertainment when we got back onboard. It was great to hear some of the classics and see some step dancing. Tonight was an Olde English Pub Night which was offered at 2 different times, 7:45 and 9:30. Okay, it's time for me to step up on my soapbox for a minute. We've been on the ship for 6 days now. People are getting to know their way around and where the various venues are. Not to mention how big the various venues are. They know the Princess Theatre is huge, that Club Fusion seats a few hundred and the Explorer's Lounge holds a few less. So, I make my way to the Lounge at 7:30 to be sure I get a seat for 7:45. Why is it that there are always a handful of senior types that show up just before the lights go down to start the show and proceed to wander all around the packed seating area looking for a non-existent place to sit. And when they don't find one, they pick a spot on the wall, near a younger person like me, and proceed to stand there with their puppy dog eyes looking all tired and wanting someone to give up a seat to them. Well, this ain't the bus! And I made my way there early to ensure a seat, NOT to save a seat to give up to someone who strolled in at the last minute. Sorry Mom, but I'm afraid I checked my good manners at the door when I came on this cruise. They'll kick back in when I leave it on the 22nd.

Tomorrow is a sea day. It's been a busy first six days, so a sea day will be a welcome rest. The strange part is that there seems to be a lot of restrictions in these seas around the UK. There have only been 2 days when Bingo was offered, and the Casino has been closed more than open. Oh well, that can only be good for the pocketbook!
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God I hope I'm around when you are old....I'm saving all these senior comments!


It happens every time...Some Seniors who come late do expect to be waited is a game they pull just to see how many fall for it. Your Senior Mum


You'll recognize me, Patti, I'll be the one sitting alone in the corner of the home with no friends or company being fed with a slingshot! I won't be on a cruise!


I was waiting for you to start dishing on the poor old seniors! Why didn't you give your seat up for some old Grammies?? HAHA