Have you ever been to sea, Billy?

Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Lionel, Scotland, United Kingdom
Being a sea day today, we were in store for lots of R&R, and even more than normal on this cruise as both of our usual sea day activities weren't available. I always take in the Bingo game and usually follow that up with a slot tourney in the Casino. Neither of these activities were on the schedule today and the Casino wasn't open at all. Something to do with local regulations and the fact that we were too close to shore and never reaching International Waters. The Production Show tonight is one that we saw last year, so I was relegated to watching movies on deck. Today was Frozen and tonight Divergent, neither of which I'd seen. Not a bad way to spend time considering they fill you full of food while you watch. They pop fresh popcorn, stuff you with pizza and follow it all up with cookies and milk. It will certainly spoil me for going to movies at home.

This morning we saw a great show which wasn't on the ship's schedule . A school of dolphins swam along beside our ship. These ones were more brown than grey, and I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get any pics. The circle of fins off in the distance looked a lot like a few sharks, but I wasn't close enough to tell for sure...and had no desire to get close enough to tell either. It just made me realize that any calls of "man overboard" had better be met with a quick response so as not to be providing sustenance for the creatures in the water, whatever they may be.

As I went for my stroll around the Promenade Deck today, and spent time in both the buffet and dining room, it struck me that I could easily have been in Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks. There are certainly all sorts here on the ship. For those of you not familiar with this clip, have a watch here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV2ViNJFZC8 (I don't think the link will work, so you'll have to cut and paste it into your browser.)

The highlight of Kier's day was definitely when we passed by the Isle of Skye. That is where his ancestors are from. From this distance it looked like a very rural island with houses spread sparsely about. Some might even say it's comparable to...oh, say...Oyster Bed Bridge!!

Tomorrow Invergordon and a trip up to Loch Ness. Perhaps we'll see Nessie!!
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Invergordon is now the mural town of the Highlands and hopes to emulate the success of her mentor in Chemainus, British Columbia. Currently the town is adorned with a series of 17 murals. The paintwork created by a selection of artists tells the stories of the local community and the area. This trail is a result of a community project which was initially designed to integrate local community groups (17 in total took part). The trail, which was opened by the Princess Royal, now acts as a major tourist draw. Now Invergordon Off The Wall, the group who facilitated the project, have just completed their latest project creating three new pieces.


Thanks for the tip, Patti. I'm definitely going to check that out and snap a pic or two.