Have you ever been to sea Billy, Part 3

Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Farsund, South Coast, Norway
Another sea day today as we cruise toward Bergen, Norway. It's been a very busy day starting with a champagne breakfast on our balcony to celebrate my birthday. It's really tomorrow, but since we'll be in port tomorrow, thought it best to do it today when we weren't rushed. We signed up for the Mini Olympics today. It is a series of events that will take place during our sea days. I'm sure the winning team will get something like a free cruise, or perhaps a ball cap or deck of cards.

Just for the heck of it, we attended the first of a series of lectures on Crime Scene Investigation by a man from California . The last of the series will be a review of the O.J. trial. Not sure if we'll be taking in any other lectures, but thought we'd check out the first one. It was a bit of "been there, done that".

I participated in another slot tournament and was very pleased to make it to the final. I was sitting third going into it, and the prize for the winner was $500. Unfortunately, I place fourth in the final so missed out on the cash, as well as the ball cap. But I did win the deck of cards!

Tonight I took the Roulette lessons offered in the casino. I thought that would broaden my casino horizons a bit. I didn't actually play Roulette tonight because the free lessons seemed to draw a big crowd. I'll wait until interest wanes and then I'll give it a go.

Next port of call is Bergen, Norway. By all accounts, it is a very expensive place. We'll see tomorrow!
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It's too bad you weren't in Bergen for the Annual 7 Mountain Hike....now that's a good birthday work out!
Sounds like a beautiful place with a lot of rain due to the afore mentioned 7 mountains surrounding the city. They are also known for their street art, so let's see a picture of some Norwegian graffiti!


Happy Birthday Katrina!!!