Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Bergen, Western Fjords, Norway
That's the only way to describe my birthday today. We had a beautiful day here in Bergen, Norway. For a port that is known to be cool and damp, we had a hot and sunny day. Probably the nicest day so far. Even though this has to be one of the most expensive places to visit, we still had a great time. We took the funicular up to Mount Floien and experienced an absolutely incredible view of the city. We exchanged 20€ and got around 140 Norwegian Kronors. We needed 85 Kronors to go up the funicular. That is equal to about $15 Canadian. When we finished our hike around Mount Floien, we strolled around Bryggen and the Fish Market at Torget.

We popped into McDonalds just to do some price comparisons . A Quarter Pounder With Cheese would cost 86 Kronors...that's more than $15 C. To have a meal in the Fish Market, fish and chips, would cost you 150 Kronors...almost $30 C.

We had a few Kronors left when we finished exploring and having an ice cream cone, so we pooled our resources to buy a souvenir. A little magnet for 40 Kronors. I then found a bookmark which I just had to have which cost me the remainder of our coins plus 40 Kronors on my credit card. At least I know that the old credit card works here. I think it's the first time I've used it since leaving home.

We were back on the ship shortly after 2:30 pm and ordered up room service for no other reason than because we could. We sat on our balcony until it got too hot and then moved inside.

Dinner was great because my absolute favourite appetizer was on the menu tonight. Pineapple with pistachios and date flavoured marscapone. I followed it up with a salad and pasta with mussels. Dessert was a warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

We watched a comedian tonight in the lounge and I enjoyed a nice large Pina Colada as well. Then it was off to the Casino where I converted $20 US to $30 US. Roulette is my new favourite game!

When I arrived back in my room tonight, I found a nice chocolate dessert that I absolutely didn't need.

Now it's to bed and our last stop in Scotland tomorrow at Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.
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