No Ponies, No Puffins

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Lerwick, Scotland, United Kingdom
Today we tendered ashore to Lerwick, Scotland, a small place with a population of 7,000. Just like Bergen, this spot is known to experience a lot of rain, and just like Bergen, we had a beautiful, sunny day.

The 2 things I wanted to see in Lewick today were Shetland Ponies and Puffins . Now, I could fib and say I saw both of them and I have the pictures to prove it, but the reality is I just photographed the postcards I bought. I'm not so upset about the Puffins, because I'm pretty sure I'll have a chance to see them in Newfoundland. Kier says I surely know what a pony looks like so that's not such a big loss either.

We walked around the town and did a bit of shopping before returning to the ship to enjoy a few "refreshments" on the balcony. I also planned on enjoying the nice birthday cake that was waiting in my cabin last night. Imagine how upset I was to find the cabin steward had removed it, even though I had put a note on it to leave it. She made up for it, though, when she had them present me with another cake in the dining room this evening, complete with a candle and a song.

Tomorrow we're at sea and it will be our first day of Mini Olympics which we signed up for the other day. I'm sure the competition will get heated...cause, you know, there will likely be a deck of cards on the line!
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We have puffins in Saint John and ponies in Saint Martins , so you really didn't have to go that far to see them. Love xx


Well, as the old Boston Pizza commercial used to say "knock me down and call me Susan"...I've never seen a puffin in SJ! Guess I could have stayed home ;)


Probably seagulls with puffin costume from Value Village ;)