Two ships that pass in the night

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Reykjavik, Eysturoy, Iceland
Today has been the worst weather since boarding our cruise 18 days ago. Where has the time gone?? Anyway, very rough seas and high winds...a bad combination when your looking to cross the Atlantic. Our call into the port at Isafjordur was cancelled because the weather conditions weren't conducive to tendering which is required in this port because it is so small. WIth a worsening storm coming, they decided to port in Reykjavik overnight so we would be sheltered through the worst of it. Tomorrow is scheduled to be clearing and even sunny in the afternoon. In order for us to get into the port of Reykjavik, the Royal Princess had to pull out and head on her way and there wasn't any guarantee of that with the worsening storm coming. We just passed the Royal on her way out to see, so I guess they decided to go for it and are headed to Greenoch, Scotland.

I spent this Sunday the way I do most Sunday's at home ...R&R in front of the tv and with a good book. I watched 2 movies, had a few naps and got all rested up to go ashore tonight if the weather permits when we arrive in port.

WIth such poor weather, and the upper decks all closed due to high winds, I didn't get to take many photos today...except during dinner tonight.

Tomorrow's another day...
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