Adios Iceland

Monday, September 15, 2014
Reykjavik, Eysturoy, Iceland
Spent the day in Reykjavik today and four hours walking around the city. I was last here in 1999, and was able to find the hotel where I stayed. Although not as expensive as Bergen, Norway, Iceland is certainly a close second.

Today we visited the most beautiful church . We may have been in one church previously, but certainly haven't had a steady diet of them, although there are large, ornate churches in almost every place we visited. Today's though, the Hallgrimskirkja was impressive because of the huge pipe organ inside which is the focal point of the of the church. The remainder of the interior is beautiful because of its simplicity. There is a tower that can be accessed by elevator for a fee of 7000 Icelandic Kronur. With only room for 6 people per trip in the elevator, and a long line in front of us, there just wasn't time to go up and check out the view.

We would have loved to go to the Blue Lagoon after hearing so much about it, but we just couldn't put it together in a time frame that suited us. Oh well, a reason to come back.

I did manage to find THE BEST souvenir of the trip so far. It's a cute little puffin hat that will get lots of wear in the curling rink this winter.

We say goodbye to Iceland now and head out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Commodore announced a few hours ago that the Bridge is watching the progress of Hurricane Eduardo very closely. Although we are facing some rough seas for tonight and into the morning hours, the effects of Eduardo are not going to impact our course of travel at all. At least, that's the latest word!

Three days at sea now before we see land again in St. John's, Nfld.
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