Why are they called "pet peeves" ?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Another day at sea and things started out very rough. Sea sick bags were available on every deck. Luckily, I seem to have well established sea legs, so wasn't bothered by the swell, and never missed a meal!

With all these sea days, it has left me to make a few observations . With poor weather out on the open decks it has left people scrambling for comfortable sitting areas inside. And movement is largely via elevator. I kind of have a rule of thumb while on ship. If I'm travelling down, I take the stairs and only if I'm travelling up more than 3 levels do I take the elevator. Now, I have no problem with card carrying members of the Ministry of Silly Walks taking the elevators with their various assistance paraphernalia. But when the able bodied leave the dining room and wait for 5 minutes to take an elevator up one level...well, I lose it! Especially when they've likely just consumed a 4 course meal. Really? Would a tiny bit of exercise kill them? It would seem so.

There are dozens of nooks and crannies on this ship. Little bars, lounges, sitting areas, a library, you name it. Tons of places that aren't used regularly that are just perfect for daytime sitting and reading. So why is it that people insist on blocking a table in the Horizon Buffet to sit and read, when there are people wandering around with plates of food scouring for a table? Really? You couldn't take your book and your drink and move to a sitting area AWAY FROM the buffet? Apparently not!

And while I'm on the subject of the buffet...in order to have smooth flow of passengers through the food service area, and in keeping with the ships efforts to reduce the spread of germs, the entrance of every buffet line is clearly identified by the Purell dispenser . The exit is clearly marked with a sign that says "Do Not Enter". So why is it that people insist on entering properly, walking in a complete circle around the food service area, and then exit via the entrance? Really? You don't notice that you're going against the flow? And the ones I love are those that stand in front of the food service area and read EVERY SIGN over EVERY DISH. Then they have to stand there and discuss the potential flavour of the dish with their spouse before deciding whether they should put some on their plate, the whole time blocking the flow of passengers through that area. Really?

We had our absolute BEST meal tonight in the speciality restaurant the Crown Grill. The cover charge of $25 was waived as a booking bonus. It was our first time at one of these restaurants and we were glad to experience it. The steak was cooked to perfection, there was endless lobster and the service was excellent.

And for those of you wondering, I have identified a new pair of lucky underwear! They helped me turn my $25 casino chip into $75 on the Roulette table today. Yeah!

Tomorrow is our last sea day before we make land in St. John's, Nfld. I thought that would be a good opportunity to introduce you to some of the other passengers on the ship. We've met a few, we like a few, we find some annoying. All the dirt that's fit to print...tomorrow!
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