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Sunday, September 21, 2014
New York City, New York, United States
Tomorrow we leave the ship after 26 long and enjoyable days. As a review, I've put together a "best of the best" list.

Best seats on a 777 300 aircraft - with only 2 of us and the layout of the plane is 3 seats on either side, we took row 25 because it has only 2 seats on each side, even though reviews indicate that the seats don't recline. In reality, they recline just as the other seats do, and you don't have a stranger sitting with you.

Best Overall Port - Liverpool! Why? Because of our trip to Manchester and the Coronation Street Tour. Also because there was lots to do and see in Liverpool for those that weren't Corrie fans :) I would actually like to return here one day and actually see Liverpool itself.

Best Independent Tour - Ecoach tours of Cork, Blarney & Kinsale

Best Economical Tour - Guernsey, England and a 1£ bus ticket which transported us around the entire island

Best Free Tour - Sandemann's New Edinburgh walking tour

Best Port for Services - Belfast supplied a complimentary shuttle from the port to the city. A close second was Greenock, Scotland where they provided a shot of Scotch to every passenger.

Best Port "on our own" - Greenock for Glasgow. Some of our best bargains were found in Glasgow. Their shopping is quite good.

Best Port for exercise - Dublin where it was an hour walk each way from ship to city centre, and horseback riding in Akureyri, Iceland. Who knew a person could be that sore after a 1.5 hour ride?

Best Public Transit - all trains in Scotland. Their train system is incredibly easy to use and most are very clean, comfortable, on time, and provide free wifi.

Biggest Surprise - Blarney Castle - I wasn't expecting much but was really glad I saw it.

Best Scenery - Bergen, Norway at the top of the Floibanen Funicular

Most Expensive Port of Call - Bergen, Norway. Even a Big Mac costs $15

Most Moving Site - Canadian military graveyard in Beny-sur-Mer

Biggest Letdown - Loch Ness - didn't see Nessie, and it really is JUST A BIG LAKE.

Biggest Disappointment - Isafjordur port canceled due to poor weather...and not seeing any real live puffins!

Best a Wildlife Sighting - the dolphins and shark fins seen between Glasgow and Edinburgh's ports.

Best Dinner on the Ship - Surf & Turf with a wonderful Filet Mignon and 2 lobster tails

Best Restaurant on the Ship - Crown Grill which served our best dinner

Best breakfast food item on the Ship - pork sausages...the hooves and snouts of those British pigs are some tasty!!

Breakfast lunch on the Ship- cheeseburgers from the Trident Grill

Best New Discovery - Roulette! I love it now and can't wait to play it in Vegas!

Best Shipboard Entertainment - the Gaels Afloat show in Dublin and the Scottish Cultural show in Greenock.

Best Movie Under the Stars - Grace of Monaco with Nicole Kidman - now I want to read a book about her!

Best Birthday Celebration - Champagne breakfast on the balcony AND the purchase of my coloured sapphires ring.

Best New Drink - Crabbies Raspberry Ginger Beer from Scotland

Funniest "bathroom incident" - getting caught in the mens washroom in Bergen because a) it was free to get in and b) there was a long line for the women's washroom.

Best Souvenir - Do you even HAVE to ask?? My Puffin Hat for sure!!!
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That was the most fun trip I've never taken! Loved your best list! See you soon!