Six Months and Counting

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Can you believe it? Time to start making some bookings. Our hotels are pretty much looked after. We've got a spot very close to our London hotel from last year. In Dublin, we've got a highly recommended spot very near the Dublin train station. It will be a walk into town, however, so this spot may get exchanged for something closer to the action.

We've decided on our 2 shows. Fay selected War Horse and I chose Thriller Live. Both musicals and both with rave reviews. In fact, even though we are so far out, there were only a few seats left for Thriller. Good thing we bought when we did.

I found a great way to travel from London to Dublin. It's called "Rail and Sail" and it is one fee that covers your train to Holyhead and your ferry over to Dublin. The cost is £38 per ticket which is a great deal. I'm sure the last time I did that trip, it was that much for just one segment, definitely not for the 2 combined! Unfortunately, it is too early to book that as yet. Another month or so and I should be able to access the train schedules for May.

Our final dinner in London will NOT be at The Shard this trip. We will be treating ourself to the Zagat recommended restaurant called The Babylon which is located in the Rooftop Gardens at Kensington High Street. It was our Plan B last year when we didn't expect to get into the Shard. It was recommended to us by a nice local couple that we sat with on the patio at Gordon's Wine Bar. Now there's a spot where we will definitely be returning as well! Nothing like a little glass of "champers" to toast to another great girl's getaway!

Lots to pick from for activities in Dublin and environs. Stay tuned as our travel plans come together.
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I am definitely looking forward to going with you on one of your fully planned out tours. One day...sigh...


It will happen...and will be an entirely different trip, tailored to those Potter and Beatles fans among us ;) I'm looking forward to it too!