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Sunday, April 19, 2015
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Here we are, ten days to departure. Everything is booked, and most is even paid for. So now it's time to make the big I blog this trip as I did last year's, as well as many others? Or do I not? It has become almost a part of the trip when I spend the last minutes before sleep recounting the events of the day. And with so many new and different things on the schedule, it certainly won't be a repeat of last year. That's not to say that some of last year's highlights, like Gordon's Wine Bar or a meal at the Bear and Staff won't be repeated, cause they certainly will. As well as Oxford Street shopping and Kopparberg cider...there will be lots of both of those!! on, I on!

What's left to do this close to departure? Well, packing of course. My suitcase is currently in for repairs after a bit of a bust up on the trip home from Vegas. Nothing serious, and pending UPS, the part should be in and repairs completed next week. Other than that, I'm still waiting on one final surprise for London. I'm not holding my breath, however, because the organizers of this event are not cooperating. What is the surprise, you ask? Can't say as yet, cause I'm still keeping the faith that my heartfelt plea to provide two tickets to a couple of Canadians may yet be met with success. Time will tell.

The weather forecast is promising for London while we're there. It's not, however, looking as warm as last year. Dublin will likely be a few degrees cooler than London as well, so we'll have to pack for layering. The mid-teens is what it's looking like so far. Cool, but comfortable for walking...and there will be walking...and plenty of it!

Stay tuned!
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