It's that time again...

Saturday, April 25, 2015
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Yup, time for me to What is it this time, you ask? all started back in 2007. I was working out of City Hall in good ole SJ. Dangerously close to some nice shops in Market Square, particularly a certain luggage shop. I can only imagine that it must have been a day or two after payday, although I can't recall exactly, but it was at a point in time when I must have been feeling particularly flush. So flush, in fact, that I decided to treat myself to a piece or two of an especially expensive set of luggage. It's called "Briggs & Riley"...if you're curious just give it a Google. There were several reasons for this extravagance. Firstly, I just really liked the set. Secondly, I thought I deserved it, and lastly, it had a LIFETIME WARRANTY. So besides being a nice set of luggage, it was also an investment. Granted, not an investment that offers a huge return...or any return at all for that matter...but I LIKED it...and I DESERVED it...and LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! This feeling of affluence came over me again...on four other my set of luggage expanded to 6 pieces.

Now, fast forward to a month ago when I am returning from Vegas . I get home from the airport to find one of the corner pieces has been knocked off my duffle. Didn't notice it at the airport, but no duffle has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! The first of the following week I took my suitcase into that nice little shop in Market Square, as I have done on 3 occasions previously, to have little "issues" looked after with one or another of my 6 pieces of luggage. The first time it was stitching on my carryon that pulled apart. It was repaired charge. The second time a "foot" was broken off the bottom of my small suitcase. A piece was shipped in and it was repaired right at the charge. The third time it was a seam on the side of my duffle that let go. This time it had to be shipped to Halifax and the way the warranty works is that I pay for shipping one way, the luggage company pays to return it. Okay, not too bad, I guess. It does tarnish the glowing feeling I have for the company ever so slightly. It runs me about $50 for shipping and I get it back within a few weeks.

So now we are about 3.5 weeks away from my next trip. I drop the suitcase off asking for the repairs to be done. I'm advised that it may need to be shipped away. I say that I'll need it back by April 28th. I'm told it takes longer than that because they can't ship to Halifax anymore. That placed has closed. It has to go farther now. Farther equals more expensive than $50 for shipping, I'm thinking . "Can't you just order the piece in and put it on here like you've done before?", I inquire, ever so politely. Hum, haw, hum, haw. I state that if the bag needs to be shipped away for repairs, do NOT do it now. I need my case for my trip, so will have to use it with that ugly broken corner on it. No one but me will likely notice it. They will check with the company to see if the piece can be installed in the shop or not.

A week passed and I never heard anything. After 10 days I decided to call the shop to check on my bag. The part has been ordered. It can be installed at the shop. It is coming by UPS from the USA. Great! My nice suitcase won't look all scarred up and ugly for my trip!

Another 8 days goes by. I still haven't heard anything, but I really want to spend the weekend getting started on my packing. More started than just stacking clothes on a chair! So I just do the drop in. If the piece isn't in, I'll just take my case and come back after my holiday . As soon as I walk in the owner says to me "I just got a delivery today...but I've been straight out all day and haven't had time to put it on yet". So I say "Can I just take the piece and put it on myself, or get my husband to do it?" She says okay, but adds that we won't know if the screws will work. I said "Don't worry, if the screws with it don't work, my husband will find some that will work." She makes a production of trying to remember where my case was. Went out in her storage area and returned with my case and dropped it on the floor. Then she picked up the package that the newly received part was in and picked up my case again and returned into the storage room. She came out 5 minutes later, gave me the case saying "It's all fixed. That'll be $16.95". My response..."Whaaaaaaat???" to which she replied "Well, I did have to make a phone call and then the installation charge. And it's cheaper than if you had to send it away." Well, I never.

There's a NEW procedure I've just implemented for future damage repairs. First I'll contact Briggs and Riley directly. I can get whatever parts shipped directly to me and install them myself for FREE. And if the damage is significant enough that it needs to be shipped away? Well, it's always a good time to buy a new suitcase. Something cheap this disposable!!

Time to get to my packing.

Only four sleeps!!!
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