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Saturday, May 02, 2015
London, Ontario, United Kingdom
We've been in London now 2 days. We're nicely ensconced in our hotel here in Paddington. Princess Anne knows we're here, after all, cause she saw us at the station when we arrived. Does that family not talk?? I mean really. She could have dropped a 10p into a pay phone and given Kate and Will a call to let them know we'd arrived. That would have prevented the unfortunate incident of us missing the blessed event this morning. I mean really...the hospital is just down the road. I could have walked over and "wet the babies head" with Wills...oh, that's after I stuck my head in the hospital suite and gave Kate the ole "Well done...pip pip...cheerio" and all that. Just for that slight, I may withhold the delivery of my baby gift. But I do need to touch base with them before I leave to put in a good word for my choice of baby names. I've got a few quid riding on Victoria!!!

So this morning Fay and I enjoyed a few extra hours of shut eye after a long and late day yesterday . We slept well passed the hour when we could partake of the hotels included continental breakfast, so we headed down the road to Mimo's Cafe where a Full English is available for £4.50.

After enjoying a big breakfast we headed to London Bridge station and caught the train to Brighton. The annual Brighton Festival starts today and we fully intended to take full advantage of any of the activities going on....well, if they sounded interesting...and were inexpensive...or better yet, free! We arrived in Brighton around lunchtime and found it to be a much larger city than we expected. We wandered down to check out the beach and the pier...and oh the crowds. We were advised by a local that this is one of the busiest weekends of the year in Brighton...who knew. It is the commencement of the 3+ week Brighton Festival, the Fringe Festival, a bank holiday weekend AND the day of the annual children's parade. Well, knock me down and call me Susan! Not a good time for us to be visiting there . Should have stayed in London and acted as Kate's birthing coach.

Oh well, we fought the crowds and soldiered on. We went to the sea. And what did we see? We saw the sea. We noticed that the beach was all rock and certainly not the nice sand that we are used to. We noticed everyone was bundled up like it was winter...and I was in flip flops. We noticed that there was a nice mall not too far up the hill...and then the wheels fell off. The sites and sounds of Brighton were drowned out by the sites and sounds of Churchill Square. But...I...found...the...absolute...cutest...pair...of...shoes!! I won't be able to wear them for 6 weeks...and trying them on was incredibly painful...but the clerk assured me there was a "one year return policy" provided I didn't wear them outside!

I also found something I have been hunting for for ages...Bridge Score Sheets!! How great is that. Yeah, I know, most of you will NOT appreciate how excited they make me...and they do!

We stopped at the "Western Front" for a...cider...no surprise there, and then after a short trip up and down the main streets of the downtown to make sure we hadn't missed any other shopping opportunities and then we headed home.

As soon as we left Paddington Station we saw several well armed police around. Something is rotten in Denmark!!! Low and behold, Kate snuck in to the hospital and gave birth while we were away. Go figure!!
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Mommy (Vanda)

I think you should bandage your feet and wear a larger size shoe for the rest of your trip . You are only making things worse. I know what you are thinking "Oh Mom!" Your mother is never wrong. Right? The blister on your toe was only the beginning to this you don't want to end up with more. V


What? No photo of you modelling the new shoes? My advice? Pop, drain, when you're in hotel slather liberally with polysporin, when out apply Compeed. Repeat as necessary.