Not just thrilling....freakin' AMAZING!!

Sunday, May 03, 2015
London, Ontario, United Kingdom
Another great day today, but then, that's no surprise. Fay and I always have a great time. We started our day at the Canal Cavalcade down at the Paddington Basin. We stumbled upon this event when we were walking our marathon on Friday. Went back this morning to see how many more canal boats turned up...and there were tons more than what we saw the other day. We were curious about these canal boats so checked out the "resale tent". There were lots of boats on offer with a wide array of prices. I even picked out a potential purchase...but I didn't have the $300,000 Canadian required to buy it.

Our next stop was the Lindo Wing of St . Mary's Hospital. Since I didn't get there yesterday, I had to pop on over today and say "hey" to all the staff that delivered the royal baby. Funny...they didn't answer the doorbell when I rang?? Oh well, I gave them a "royal wave" and we were on our way.

We shopped around a bit on Oxford Street. Made our way through Piccadilly Circus and over to Trafalgar Square. Then we made a mandatory stop into Gordon's Wine Bar. And yes Steve and Brenda, I left a "sign" for you to find when you stop in later this month. In fact, I "planted" three subtle indicators...two may get removed before your arrival...but the third may go unnoticed to all but the keen eye of a trained observer!! We enjoyed a light lunch inside Gordon's, down in the creepy cave like interior. It is absolutely the coolest bar I've ever been in. The food was pretty good too!!

From Gordon's we walked across the footbridge to the South Bank where the annual Streets of Spain celebration was ongoing. There were thousands of people in attendance. We had been there last year on the May Day weekend and the popularity of the event seems to have grown since then. From there we headed back to Piccadilly Circus for a little glass of cider and to await our second theatre event.

All I can tell you about Thriller Live is OMG!!! It is right up there with Book of Mormon as my all time favourite musical. By the time Billie Jean, Thriller and Bad were performed at the end of the production, the entire crowd was on their feet, dancing and singing. It was the most lively and entertaining show I've been to...well...since last year's Book of Mormon. I know you guys will love it, Steve and Brenda. And Jimmy and Susan, your group should consider's farrrrr from boring!! And the fact that one of the dancers is tall with a six pack, and has thighs that could crack walnuts, shouldn't discourage the men from attending!!

We are back in our room now for a little drink of Pimm's and some blister popping before bedding down for a good night's rest with tunes of Michael Jackson drifting through my head!!
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Doreen Tait

Cider must be British equivalent to our beer?? Hope it contains alcohol to soften pain of blisters!! Enjoying your daily stories...Saw Nancy last night, she's keen for the 3 of us to go to Moncton when you return ( wonder why??)


Katrina said it all. Truly another wonderful day and an amazing show.


Doreen, cider is apple cider...on steroids!!!


Enjoying your blog...entertaining as ever! You sure won`t be gaining any weight over there with all your walking!! Enjoy!