Time flies when you're walking marathons!!

Monday, May 04, 2015
London, Ontario, United Kingdom
Here we are on our last day in London. We started our day with a bit of a lay in and late breakfast. Followed up with some last minute retail therapy at John Lewis and the rest of Oxford Street, and then this evening was our annual special dinner. This year it was at The Babylon Roof Top Gardens. This is a restaurant owned by Richard Branson of all things Virgin fame.

We headed over to Kensington High Street early for our 6:30 reservation and figured we'd pop in on Will and Kate . We figured they MUST live in Kensington somewhere...after all, they live in Kensington Palace. Well...let me tell you...that is one sprawling place!! Compared to where Charles and Camilla live, Will and Kate's place is...well...a palace!!

They, of course, wanted us to stay for dinner, but we declined. You know the second night home with a new baby that the meal would consist of PB & J with a spoon full of fluff for dessert. We were planning a full meal at a 5 star Zagat rated restaurant instead.

After meandering around the Palace and Gardens, we made our way to the restaurant where we toured the roof top gardens. Unfortunately, it was a bit anti climactic after seeing the beautiful flowers in Kensington Gardens. It was nice, though and quite interesting how they got a full grown garden, including ducks and flamingos, on top of a 7 storey building. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of cod, salads and even an order of "triple fried chips". We learned from last year's meal at the Shard. No £4 bottle of water for us.... it was "tap" all the way this time!! We were so full we skipped dessert and just headed back to the hotel to get packed up and ready for another day of travel tomorrow.

Dublin, here we come!!
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Frances Meehan

Absolutely love your blog and pictures of Kensington Palace. enjoy Dublin. Doreen, Nancy and I walked the Irving Nature Park this a.m.


I wouldn't have given Wills and Kate the time of day after losing all your money on the baby name bet.