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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Now that we're home, I thought I'd conclude this chapter of my blog with a bit of a recap of the best of the best from our great holiday.

Best Overall Hotel - The Harding Hotel, Dublin
Best Musical Theatre - Thriller Live (London)
Best Overall Dining Experience - Babylon Roof Gardens (London)
Best Restaurant - Taste Cafe (Dublin)
Best Chips - Taste Cafe (Dublin)
Best Chicken Wings - Darkey Kellys (Dublin)
Best Breakfast - Mimo's Cafe, Paddington (London)
Best Dessert - Can you believe we never ordered any!!!
Best Drink - Kopparberg Pear Cider for Fay, Rekorderlig Mango and Raspberry for me
Best Bar - Gordon's Wine Bar (Trafalgar Square, London)
Best Pub - Oliver St. John Gogarty (Temple Bar, Ireland)
Best Day Trip - Dalkey, Ireland
Best Site Tour - Dalkey Castle, Dalkey
Best Overall Shopping - John Lewis (London)
Best Off the Beaten Path - Dalkey, Ireland
Best Unexpected Surprise - Smock Alley Theatre 3rd Birthday Party (Dublin)
Best Upgrade - Taylor's Three Rock Irish Cabaret upgraded from the Irish House Party (Dublin)
Biggest Disappointment - Camden Market (London)
Best Holiday Habit - cheese and crackers before bed (London and Dublin)
Best Coincidental Historical Event - the birth of Princess Charlotte (London)


Best Example of how we're not as young as we think...drum roll please...

Electing to bail out on the Pub Crawl after only 2 bars because we can't tolerate the loud, NOT Irish music, or keep up the drinking pace of the youngsters.

That's it for me till next trip!

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Thank You Dear Katrina for all your amazing trip planning.


You are welcome!

Valerie Eden

Thanks for sharing Katrina. I lived vicariously through you and Faye. You two definitely had a great trip. One suggestion to your "best of list"....what about your accidental extra long walk in London along the canal? Lol


Yes, Valerie, that certainly crossed my mind...but couldn't figure out a title. "Best Forced March"? "Best Blisterfest"? Nothing really encapsulates the day!