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Sunday, June 07, 2015
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
We're on the eve of departure...where does the time go?? It seems like just a month ago I was in the UK and Ireland. Hmmm...that's cause it WAS a month ago when Fay and I were on our trip. Time flies when you're having fun.

Where are we off to now, you ask?? Well Kier and I are heading to Amsterdam, Brugge and Paris for a 10 day whirlwind tour. It's not an organized tour, per se...but it IS ME!

Everything is ready and our suitcases are packed. While doing some last minute checking on some free tours we have arranged, I realized that I never got the promised follow up email regarding a walking tour booked for this Wednesday in Amsterdam. Now this is a highly rated tour on TripAdvisor which I originally booked 6 months ago. They confirmed my booking at the time and promised a follow up email closer to the date. Having never received anything further, I sent them a reminder email on Thursday. Nothing!! While looking for some alternate options I came across their website which now has a note on it that their free walking tour will not be offered on June 10th. Now, ya gotta wonder why they couldn't send me an email advising that? This would be when you realize that when booking a "free tour" the customer service you receive is equal to what you paid!!

No fear...I've found an alternate with Sandeman's. This is a company that I've used before in Edinburgh, Dublin, and Brussels, and have booked for Paris in a couple of weeks. The reason I didn't go with them from the outset was that, for some reason, their Amsterdam tour requires a 3€ booking fee. Can't say I blame them really, and surprised they don't institute this fee for all their "free" tours. Although, I do see that it kind of flies in the face of "free" if you have a fee attached, but I'm sure they have so many "no shows" that it becomes labour intensive to do the bookings. Oh well, booking made, confirmation and details received. Sometimes you get what you pay for!!

And I know I've mentioned this before...but I can't stress enough, to any and all travellers that I know, the importance and value of doing the 24 hour advanced on-line check-in. Today when I checked us in, I scored exit row seats at no additional charge! This is huge when you've got a 7.5 hour flight!!

So for those of you blog readers...not long now till the beginning of the next instalment!!

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Have a great trip Katrina! Hope you enjoy Brugge...chocolates, waffles, sausages and curry mustard, dark beers ( one pub has 400 of them!), beautiful canals...What more could you want?


By the sounds of that, the only thing I could want would be a longer stay!!


Have a wonderful trip Katrina and Kier. I am excited to be able to read your blog.

Gael Phillips

Have a great time, love hearing about your travels !!