On our way!

Monday, June 08, 2015
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
We're on our way and spending a few hours here in the Maple Leaf International Lounge. I just love this place. I've had a few meals in the past couple of hours...ravioli, salmon, nachos, and a couple of cranberry juices...and no mother...there's NO vodka in them!! Okay...maybe a little vodka!!

It's been relative smooth sailing since arriving at the airport in SJ . Other than that little hitch with the xray equipment being on the fritz so all luggage had to be hand searched. Thank heavens that we are pathologically early every where we go!! Once we got through that little hiccup, the inbound flight was early arriving and we were loaded and outbound right on schedule.

We have four hours to kill here in Toronto, and there's no better way than in the comfort of the Maple Leaf Lounge. Free food and drink. Not that we need much food cause they will be feeding us on our 7.5 hour flight to Amsterdam. So glad we scored those exit row seats. We'll be able to stretch out and get some shut eye so we can hit the ground running tomorrow morning.

Time for a little shut eye before heading down for our flight. Talk to you all tomorrow!!

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