A great day to be insulted!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Enjoyed a great free tour of Amsterdam today, although it's really hard to call it a free tour when we had to pay 3€ each to make the online booking! We covered a lot of territory and learned a lot about Amsterdam, Holland and the Netherlands overall. The biggest misconception is that tulips are from the Netherlands, when in actual fact, they originated in Turkey. Secondly, there is more water around Amsterdam with all the canals then there is around Venice...so, instead of calling Amsterdam the Venice of the North, they should be calling Venice the Amsterdam of the South. Who knew?? It was a fun and interesting way to spend 3 hours. Well, except for that little insult I suffered at the hands of the tour guide. He was talking about what a great University system they have in place for foreign students, and how reasonable it is for them to attend Amsterdam to study. Then he looked right at me and said "Well, YOU wouldn't be looking to study here, but like the next generation or whatever". Hmmm...do I look THAT old? How does he know that I'm not a professional student? Or worse, do I just not look smart? Kier and I got a laugh out of that...well, more so Kier than me...

After our tour we wandered over towards the Anne Frank House, mostly to check out the length of the line . We stopped into the Tulip Museum enroute. Apparently the long line at the Anne Frank House is a daily thing. I had been before, and Kier wasn't overly interested in the wait. I recall when I saw it the last time back in 1994, although it was very powerful to see the inside of the house knowing the backstory, my ultimate reaction was "that's it?". It seemed kind of anti-climactic. We opted to have a nice cold cider in a cafe on the canal instead. Something we both agreed on! Then we strolled the streets in The Jordaan. A very unique and eclectic area.

This evening we checked out the Red Light District, but being so early in the evening and well before dark (it doesn't get dark here until around 10 pm) things weren't particularly "busy" if you know what I mean. Not many of the "ladies" were advertising their wares. A little of that goes along way, so we certainly saw all that we needed before heading back to our hotel.

Tomorrow's another day...our last full day here in Amsterdam. We have nothing scheduled, so we'll just go where the wind takes us!!



Maybe he meant you looked so damn smart there would be nothing more they could teach you!


Wellll! I would have been insulted too Katrina given that I was thinking of moving on to do my masters there when I'm done this gruleling bachelors degree ..NOT...LOL...Young people eh! Hahaha gotta love them...we seem so old to them...love your posts..keep it up and have a great time on your next adventure!

Doreen Tait

Being a tour guide myself, that comment probably didn't net a B I G tip??!! Looks like you're having an Amster... Dam good time!


Yes, Shelley...I'm SURE that's what he meant! And Doreen, I still tipped him well cause, other than that comment, he was a great guide. Not as good as you, for sure, but good. And Tammy, you'd love one other comment he made about being 30 and in ten years he would be OLD!!! I chose to ignore that one, cause he was talking to Kier at the time...and we all know that Kier robbed the cradle! ;)