Waffles...not just for breakfast anymore!

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Brugge, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
Beer, chocolate, and waffles...check, check, check...does the day get any better than that?? I think NOT!

A taxi driver in Amsterdam told us that the vibe in Brugge was a lot more laid back ...and he sure nailed it. Compared to our time in Amsterdam, when you couldn't walk anywhere without your head being on a swivel to avoid getting run down by a bike, a tram, or an errant vehicle...getting around Brugge is a holiday! Literally!!

Also today, we got to see Michelangelo's Madonna & Child statue at the Church of Our Lady. This is the statue that was the focus of the 2014 movie, The Monuments Men. Nice to see and the church was beautiful too. Token church visit...check.

Lots of walking, a little shopping...check, check.

Tomorrow we may do a canal tour or city tour just to confirm we haven't missed anything. We certainly covered a lot of territory today on foot, so don't think there's any more flavoured beer...oops, I mean scenery that we haven't seen!

Till tomorrow...