This is just not funny anymore!!

Monday, June 15, 2015
Paris, Île-de-France, France
Is it too much to ask? Really?! I can give them the recipe, if necessary. It goes something like this...get some water...put it in the freezer...wait for awhile...voila! Ice!! I'm sure the last time I was here Fay and I were able to buy ice at the local depanneur...or grocer...or whatever they want to call it over here. I just walked about 3 miles and went into 5 grocers and not ONE had a bag of ice. How uncivilized!!

Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest day. We had a great train trip. I sure wish traveling by train was a more viable form of transportation for us in Eastern Canada. And low and behold, who was waiting to greet us when we arrived in Paris?? Mine and Fay's little Romanian friend who scammed us for 5€ each last May. I got the last laugh, though, cause I didn't give her a cent this year, but used her schtick to get a cab. We walked by several long lines for cabs and went out the very back doors of the train station, crossed the street and got right into a cab.

From the pages of that age old book "It's never the same the second time around" is where I find myself after checking into the same hotel I used last year. We had a lovely room with big windows and a view of the street...the last time. Today when we checked in I made sure to drop that little tidbit that I'd stayed with them a year ago, and loved it so much that I came back. Didn't make a bit of difference...we got put in a room that can only be described as "the cheap seats". The only thing I can compare this room to would be an inside cabin on a cruise ship...only not as dark nor as cool. Our room overlooks...what can only be described as an elevator shaft without an elevator! It is open at the top, so there is light coming in, but not a breath of breeze. To say it's warm in here would be akin to saying there are a few bicycles in Amsterdam!! The good news is they gave us a fan. The bad news is there are only 2 electric outlets. The good news is at least there are 2 electric outlets. The bad news is there isn't one near the window so we can't get any cool air to circulate. The good news is it's not supposed to get too hot over the next few days and with no direct sunlight into the room, it should stay rather cool. We'll see about that.

We did a long walk today from the hotel, down to the Seine, through the Louvre (courtyard, not the museum itself), through the Jardin des Tuileries, and back to the hotel. Also had my first chocolate banana crepe which I loved on my last trip. See the first line of paragraph 3 above!

I'm sure things will look better after a good night sleep...if we don't spontaneously combust through the night!!

A demain!



Wow that is too funny the same lady was there enjoy Paris I do loved our time there